Shower Pumps

Low mains water can lead to terrible supply pressure, affecting all of your water outlets in your home negatively; especially your shower. To achieve that ideal in-shower pressure, a shower pump is just what you need.

 Remember that your shower pump shouldn’t be connected to sealed systems, such as the direct mains supply, and that they can’t be used in tandem with combination boilers. Your hot and cold pipes must be at least 22mm in diameter, including gate valves and vented supply heads. The top, safe hot water temperature is 65 degrees and your pump needs to be close to the water supply to work effectively. If possible, install your shower pump at the base of your hot water storage tank – just make sure that no frost will be able to affect your shower pump during colder months.

 The main two shower pumps available are high performance, low voltage, centrifugal pumps and 240V regenerative mains shower pumps. The former is designed for maximum safety, while the latter has a low speed induction motor, which resets automatically. To find out which shower pump will be most useful for your set-up, please don’t hesitate to contact Online Pump Supplies. Our experts would love to discuss your options with you.