Condensate Pumps

Condensate pumps collect and dispose of the water build up created by air conditioning and heating systems, refrigerators and other appliances. The condensation is a result of warm air or steam hitting the cooling system. It also forms from the flue of a boiler.

The condensed water itself has high levels of acidity. Acid levels may range between a pH of 3 and 4. Such acid levels are capable of eroding brick and mortar in a building if allowed to accumulate freely. In most heating and cooling systems, the water condenses and accumulates in a tank or a drip tray. In many systems the water is removed by gravity into the outdoor drainage or sewage system. In the absence of a gravity system, a pump removes this water and directs it through a pipe or other conduit into the outdoors drainage system.

Grundfos condensate pumps are controlled by a float switch mechanism. This turns the pump on when the water in the tank or drip tray reaches a set level. The pump drains the water out of the tank and switches off when the tank is drained.

The Grundfos Conlift automatic condensate pump has a lifting system to remove water if there is no direct connection to a drainage or sewage system, or if a heater is located below a backwash level. It comes complete with a hose, cable and bracket for fixing to a wall or to a floor. The system can be used with ice machines, condensing boilers and air conditioning systems.