Submersible Pump Spares

Submersible pumps have a range of application from clearing out water with suspended solids from ditches, inspection pits or footings during building construction, as well as floodwaters from cellars and other rooms. Accessories include:

Discharge hose. A high capacity, lay flat, 10 to 20-metre length discharge hose that is compatible with many makes of submersible pump is an essential accessory for redirecting dirty water. Hose clips to fit the correct diameter, say 25mm, hose. These are usually made in mild steel and plated heavily with zinc. The JCS Hi-Grip hose clip comes in diameters ranging from 9.5 to 120mm. Bolt clamps. These are often made in ferritic steel but for harsh environments the AISI 304 stainless steel grade would be advisable. The most popular sizes range from 29 to 250mm.

Hose jointer to connect two hose lengths together and allow for a greater length of discharge. Float switch that can be used with a specific brand of submersible pump such as the Grundfos KP series. This switch has three metres of cable attached. It's important to find out if the switch has a plug attached. Level control switches are used for feeding and draining the pump. It works as a relay that changes the weights of two sinkers immersed in the water. These cut in and cut out depending on the water level. Foam pre-filters for straining water prior to its entry into the pump. These can come in square blocks ranging between four and 12 inches and attach to the base of most makes of pump.