Shower Pump Accessories

Shower pumps increase the water pressure in a shower by pumping in extra water from a storage tank. Depending on the plumbing in the building and the position of the storage tank, certain accessories can optimise the shower's performance or prevent water cut-out or spluttering.

  • • Single 22 mm Surry flange. This is a standard 22 mm or 1-inch outlet flange and is fitted to an independent hot water supply to the pump. It incorporates an auto air vent to reduce air locks and automatically purges air from the hot water supply. It also prevents water-flow surging and noise and temperature variations. This ensures a splutter-free showering experience. It will work with pumps up to 3 bar pressure, a size that covers most standard family home shower pumps.
  • • Compression top entry flanges reduce the risk of airlock, extra noise and interrupted flow. These can be fitted easily and cure any stop/start problems with a power shower.
  • • Water starvation protection consists of a top entry flange and hose that is ideal for many domestic water systems where there is insufficient cold water storage capacity.
  • • Hot water supply blending valve. This can protect shower pumps attached to systems where the stored hot water is not controlled, such as that from an Aga or other solid-fuel system. It is also useful for those boilers that are only crudely controlled by an automatic thermostat.
  • • Automatic negative head unit for shower pumps with a closed head pressure of between 1.20 and 2.1 bar. This is a pneumatic push-button device that will start the operation of the pump when insufficient water flow is available to activate the built-in flow switches (negative head). As the flow starts the switch floats upwards and works automatically so there is not need to keep a finger on the push button.