Heating Circulator Accessories

Heating circulators are essential instruments for those who need to maintain a strict temperature in container units of any size, such as baths or tanks. These circulators can be combined bath, tank or other container as, for example, in temperature control systems that are used in semiconductor, electronic and biomedical research. For larger scale uses, one of the most important accessories is a T-Clamp. This fits heating circulators such as the Grant TC120. It can be attached to virtually any vertical sided vessel with a maximum wall thickness of 35mm for rectangular tanks, 30mm for circulator tanks, of no more than 300mm diameter, and of capacity up to 50 litres. The most common sizes of accessory tanks to which to attach heating circulators can range between five and 38 litres capacity in the case of stainless steel tanks and five to 18 litres for plastic tanks. Further accessories required include:

  • • Lids to reduce evaporation and heat loss as well as sample contamination in the case of smaller scale experiments.
  • • Special tank lids if the tank is continuously using water over 90C
  • • Rack systems to optimise available bath or tank capacity
  • • Raised shelves for shallow vessels to be accommodated
  • • Test tube racks
  • • Adaptors, valves and connectors
  • • Booster heaters that allow an additional 6W or so of heating capacity and are ideal for controlling temperatures of large or distant objects
  • • Booster pumps also help to control the temperature of large or distant objects
  • • Bath fluids are crucial accessories for temperature control. These must be selected with specific viscosity and oxidation characteristics to match each heat circulator
  • • CR (cold rolled steel), Viton- a type of synthetic rubber - and metal tubing that will suits any part of the temperature ranges of -50 degrees C to +350 depending on the task in hand