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Sampling Submersible Spares

As their name suggests, submersible pumps are able to function when fully submerged in the liquid to be pumped. In order to be able to function correctly, this type of pump works by actually pushing the water, as opposed to pulling it. Manufactured by Grundfos, the MP1 is a pump designed for the collection of water samples, which can then be analysed to establish the exact type of contamination present and the precise degree to which it is prevalent.

The Wear Parts Kit for the MP1 includes items essential for the continued smooth operation of this sampling submersible pump model. The various parts contained within the kit include items such as washers, seals and impellers.

As with the vast majority of their products, Grundfos sampling submersible spares for this and other submersible pump models are covered under an extensive ten-year guarantee. The parts have been designed to meet the exact requirements and strong expectations of users, whether they are domestic or commercial.

Grundfos is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps and associated components. In addition to being experts in the production of submersible and standard pumps, Grundfos is renowned for making state-of-the-art electronic devices for monitoring and controlling purposes.

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