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Condensate Lifting Station Spares

Condensate lifting stations are extremely useful when condensate has to be removed from a steam trap and redirected or ejected at a higher level. At Anchor Pumps, we can provide a variety of spares for a popular Grundfos lifting station model, the Conlift.

Condensate lifting stations are typically used when it is not possible for condensate to flow unassisted into the sewage system, or when condensate is below the level of the sewage system and needs to be pumped upwards. Common settings in which a condensate lifting station may be used include refrigeration systems, air-conditioning systems, dehumidifiers and condensate boilers.

Grundfos have a strong reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality, innovative and reliable pumps. Many Grundfos pumps have also won acclaim as eco-friendly pumping solutions. Their popular Conlift condensate lifting stations have a number of useful features, such as automatic liquid level control, safety overflow switch and a special inlet design to help avoid problems associated with evaporation and sedimentation when used in boilers.

The right spares can keep your condensate lifting station functioning effectively and to its full potential for longer. We can provide a range of replacement parts and accessories for your Grundfos lifting station, such as pressure switches, connection boards and hydraulic sets.

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