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Domestic Sanitary Pump Accessories

Domestic sanitary pumps can be used where a traditional gravity system cannot be accommodated for a number of reasons. The pump enables waster water and sewage to be removed from domestic systems and appliances. These pumps allow toilets and bathrooms to be fitted into spaces that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, including basements and separate buildings. There are a range of domestic sanitary pumps that can be used in different circumstances: macerator pumps, grey water pumps and pumps for domestic appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines.

Grundfos is one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary pumps for both domestic and commercial use. Their Sololift 2 range consists of a number of macerator pumps to accommodate different requirements. At Online Pump Supplies we supply a selection of domestic sanitary pump accessories that work with the Sololift range. These pumps can be used to remove waste water and sewage. There is a choice of inlet connections, depending on the number of appliances you need to attach and the pumps are easy to install and service. As well as stocking the individual pumping systems, we also have a range of domestic sanitary pump accessories for the Sololift models. A drain hose will enable the system to be drained for either servicing requirements or if the pump needs to be removed. The pump can start to over run if there is a blockage within the system.

You can fit an alarm PCB which provides an audible signal that a blockage is causing the pump to run continuously. These pumps are quick and simple to install into a new or existing system. We stock pipe reducers that convert the standard connection to a smaller diameter and additional inlet kits in order to connect the pipes to an extra inlet. All our pump accessories are manufactured to a high standard and are compatible with a range of models.

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8 Products

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