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Booster Pump Accessories

Booster pumps provide a cost effective and efficient solution when there is insufficient water pressure within a domestic or commercial setting. We stock a wide range of high quality products from some of the leading manufacturers of pumps, including Grundfos and Stuart Turner. The pumps are energy efficient, durable and designed to sustain their levels over a long period of time. In order to improve the performance of the pumps, we can supply a range of booster pump accessories that are compatible with the main models.

Grundfos is one of the global leaders in pumping systems and they supply a number of different booster pumps. Their JP5 and JP6 boosters can be installed into domestic and commercial environments. The stainless steel pumps are extremely lightweight and have been designed to perform consistently for a number of years. The pumps are compact, quiet and vibration-free, making them an ideal choice where space is limited and noise levels are an important consideration. Once they’ve been installed, the booster pumps provide a low maintenance option. However, if there are any servicing requirements, these can be carried out quickly and easily. At Online Pump Supplies we stock a number of booster pump accessories for Grundfos systems, including horizontal tank kits and pressure managers.

Stuart Turner manufactures pumps that are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Their Monsoon booster range can increase the pressure of both cold and hot supplies to a number of fittings, such as showers, baths and basins. They feature automatic pressure switches, anti-vibration elements and operate on a low voltage. The Flo-Mate models can be installed straight onto the mains fittings. They provide additional pressure in facilities when the mains supply is not sufficient. We can supply a pump mounting pad that is compatible with a range of their pumps in order to reduce vibration and noise levels further.

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5 Products

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