Grundfos Pump Spares and Parts

The UPS2 is one of a large number of Grundfos pump replacement parts in permanent stock. This product is ideal as a replacement in small heating circulators that may be installed in those heating system locations where space is limited. These systems may also not meet energy efficiency levels stipulated in the latest European Union Directives.

The UPS2 part is designed with the latest motor technology and has electronic controls. Its design is such that it will meat the stipulated EU energy efficiency levels. It can fit in locations where the Grundfos UPS 15-50 or UPS 15-60 models are located. It can also be delivered as pump head option alone. This allows the installer the ability to change the pump in locations where the complete removal of the pump from the main system may be a serious difficulty. It contains the following features:

  • • It is essentially three pumps in one. The UPS2 can be adjusted to respond to a UP15 model requirements that are designed for a four, five, or six metre performance. There user also has three separate pressure control options.
  • • The UPS2 spares control box may be mounted to the right, left or on top of the pump.
  • • The UPS2 cable gland is of the same design as the one used on the UP15-50 and UP15-60 circulator models. Such design minimises the installation time needed to replace the pump head.
  • • If the existing pump base is in a good condition, the pump head option can be chosen to minimise installation time by just replacing the pump head.
  • • If the part is being used in an older pump system, the pump shaft sometimes may become blocked. In this case, it would have to be deblocked manually. A special screw fitted to the UPS2 will allow a pump shaft access and so ease the pump de-blocking process.