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Lowara Teknospeed (e-TKS/TKS)

The Lowara Teknospeed range consists of a number of electric variable-speed pumps and pressure booster systems. They are designed to be used in domestic settings and provide the user with constant pressure, even in the most demanding of situations. The pumps are suitable for:

  • - Heating systems
  • - Air-conditioning systems
  • - Water supply
  • - Irrigation

There are four horizontal and vertical pumps: TKS/HMZ, TKS/CEA-CA, TKS/BG and TKS/SV. The range also includes four pressure booster systems, which are fitted with either two pumps or a single pump: GTKS20/BG, GTKS20/HMZ, GTKS20/SV and GTKS20/CA.

The pumps are fitted with a frequency convertor. This modifies the speed of the motor, enabling the pressure to stay the same even if there is a change in the demand for water. This means that the temperature of the water doesn’t vary, regardless of how many taps are being used in the property. If a float switch is fitted, the pumps are protected from dry running. They can be used with liquid temperatures of between 5 degrees C and 40 degrees C. The pumps have a maximum flow rate of 16m3/h.

The Teknospeed range is easy to fit and requires low levels of maintenance. The variable-speed pump reduces the amount of water hammer and mechanical stress, prolonging the life of the system. Each pump is able to work individually, meaning that if one stops working the other one will take over. The pumps only use the amount of energy required by the system, limiting how much is used. The system operates with very little noise, which is ideal for domestic settings.

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