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MAGNA3 (D) Pumps and Spares

MAGNA3 is a range of small, medium and large intelligent, high efficiency circulator pumps.

They can be used in a number of different settings:
- heating systems
- air-conditioning and cooling systems
- domestic hot water systems
- ground source heat pumps
- solar heating systems

They use electronically controlled motors based on permanent magnet and compact stator technology. The MAGNA3 pumps offer users both flexibility and reliability, with minimal noise. They are durable and require limited maintenance once installed. The pumps are fitted with GENIair wireless communications and Communication Interface Modules can be included for additional controls.

One of the features is the AUTOADAPT setting, which means there is no need to programme in individual pump settings. The heating system will select the right setting depending on its requirements; maintaining a comfortable level and reducing energy consumption.

The pumps also have a FLOWLIMIT feature, limiting the maximum flow. Therefore, there is no requirement for a balancing valve on the main flow and return pipe. FLOWADPAPT brings together the benefits of both the AUTOADAPT and FLOWLIMIT features.

These pumps have an in-built heat energy meter, which monitors and logs energy consumption. This provides users with the ability to limit their energy use and reduce their bills.

The MAGNA3 range includes over 150 models offering:
- single and twin circulators
- cast iron or stainless steel
- maximum head of 18m
- maximum flow of 70m3/h (140 m3/h for twin heads)
- 6 to 16 bar system pressure
- suitable for temperatures as low as -10oC

The range already complies with 2015 Energy Efficiency Index requirements and can save up to 75% when compared with traditional circulators.

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