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Grundfos SP/SQ(E)

The Grundfos SQ and SQE series of stainless steel submersible borehole pumps are a pioneering design of high quality performance coupled with small size. They are ideal for domestic water supply, small community water works, horticulture and irrigation, tank applications and a variety of environmental uses. There are four different versions:

-       SQ
-       SQ-N
-       SQE
-       SQE-N

Each of these pumps incorporates the following essential features:

-       High pump and motor efficiency
-       Dry running protection
-       Protection against upthrust
-       Wear resistance
-       Overload protection
-       Soft starter
-       Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
-       Overtemperature protection

The high efficiency of the pump motors is due to permanent magnet technology. The motors have a built-in electronic unit that contains a frequency converter and a soft start.

SQ pumps are fitted with single phase Grundfos MS 3 or MS 3-NE motors that are driven at constant speed by means of the frequency converter.

 SQE pumps are fitted with a single phase MS 3 motor that communicates with the CU 300 and CU 301 control units. The CR301 control unit was developed especially for situations where a constant speed is required. These control units can be operated by the Grundfos R100 remote control. A frequency control means that the SQE pump can be operated at a variable speed so that the pump can work in any duty point between the pump's minimum and maximum performance curves.

The SQE pump can also operate without the CR 300 and CR 301 control units. However, it will not provide all of the pump's features such as an alarm that indicates a pump fault or the ability to change factory settings.

The SQ and SQE pumps are designed for pumping non-aggressive liquids that are thin, clean and do not contain fibres or solid particles. They can pump liquids with a sand content of up to 50 grammes per cubic metre.

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