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Grundfos CR(I/E) Multi-Stage Pumps

Grundfos CRI series are vertical multi stage centrifugal pumps. They have an inline design that enables the pump to be installed in a horizontal one pipe system. In these systems, the suction and discharge ports rest on the same horizontal plane and have the same pipe dimensions This provides for a compact pumps design and pipe work.

The CRI pumps come in various sizes and number of stages depending on the liquid flow and pressure required. They are designed for a wide range of applications from potable water pumping to chemical pumping. They consist of two main components:

-       The motor which is a Grundfos motor designed to EN standards. These motors have built in thermal overload switches and function up to a maximum ambient temperature of between +40 and +60 degrees Celsius and at a maximum altitude of between 1000 and 350 metres depending on the individual model. If the ambient temperature or altitude exceeds these values, the pump must not be fully loaded or it will risk overheating either because of the ambient temperature level, or the low cooling effect of high altitude air.
-       The pump unit that consists of optimised hydraulics, a sleeve, a pump head, and various types of connections and other parts

The CRI pumps can be used in a wide range of industrial applications such as:

-       Water filtration, transfer and distribution from waterworks
-       Water pressure boosting in mains, high rise buildings and industrial water supply
-       Process water, vehicle washing and fire fighting systems
-       Cooling, air conditioning, boiler feed and condensate systems
-       Cooling of machine tool lubricants
-       Aquafarming

It is important to note that when pumping liquids with a higher kinematic viscosity than water, this can cause a considerable pressure drop. Consequently, there will be a drop in the hydraulic performance and a rise in power consumption. In this situation, the pump should have a larger motor.

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