Grundfos UPS/D Commercial Single & Twin Head Circulators

The Grundfos UPS-D pumps are part of the UPS range of single- and twin-head circulator pumps. These are variable-speed pumps and are bigger than the standard circulator pumps that are used in domestic settings. They can be used in heating, hot water and air-conditioning systems. The pumps have a choice of three speed settings. The pump housing is manufactured from either stainless steel or bronze. The UPS-D models are canned-rotor pumps, where the motor and pump form an integrated unit. There is no shaft seal and just two gaskets to be sealed.

Due to EuP regulations, the UPS range has now been replaced by the more advanced and energy-efficient MAGNA1 range of pumps. These are ‘A’ rated systems with low energy requirements that meet the new directive. They can be used in the same type of installations as the UPS pumps. The pumps are designed to circulate liquids within a heating appliance that has variable flows. They can also be used in systems that operate hot water priority. A signal tells the pumps to work based on the maximum curve, which is suitable for applications such as solar heating systems. There is a choice of three control options: proportional pressure, constant pressure and fixed speed.

These systems are simple to install and easy to operate. There are nine indicator lights to show the current setting, providing a system that is simple to use. They require very little maintenance and are extremely cost-effective over the life of the pump. They can be used with liquid temperatures that range between -10oC and +110 C.