Grundfos Unilift CC Submersible Drainage Pumps

The Unlift CC range is a set of submersible drainage pumps. These single-stage pumps can be used for a variety of purposes, including low suction tasks and general drainage work. There are three models within the range: CC5, CC7 and CC9. Each one can be used either with or without a float switch, offering the option of both manual and automatic operation. The CC range provides the ability to pump to a water level of 3mm. They are used to pump rain water or grey waste water from a range of domestic appliances and places, including the following.

  • - Washing machines and sinks
  • - Flooded cellars
  • - Garden water features
  • - Swimming pools
  • - Wells
  • - Areas where water collects from gutters and tunnels
  • The pump sleeve is manufactured from composite material which is incredibly light and strong. The material is corrosion-resistant, providing a durable solution. The pump has an integrated protection from thermal overload. It contains self-venting vales, which stops air from becoming trapped inside. If the water level is at a minimum of 25mm, the pump can be operated continuously. The cable inlet is sealed, which stops moisture from getting into the pump's motor and causing damage.

    The pumps can either be fitted in a permanent situation or used as a portable appliance. They are suitable to pump water that contains particles of a maximum 10mm diameter. The CC pumps can be used for clean and non-aggressive liquids, as well as grey waste water. They are not designed for water that has long fibres in it, inflammable liquids such as petrol and oil or aggressive liquids.