Grundfos Unilift AP Submersible Drainage and Waste Water Pumps

The Unilift AP range is a series of submersible drainage and waste water pumps. They can be used in a range of domestic, industrial and commercial settings. The pumps have integral starters fitted into the pump head. Some models come equipped with a floatswitch. The AP range can handle even the most demanding of wastewater jobs, such as black water applications and lowering groundwater. They are extremely reliable, durable and require little maintenance.

The models have a maximum temperature capability of 55oC. They are manufactured from stainless steel, protecting them from damage caused by erosion. The pumps are fitted with an interior riser pipe. This increases the efficiency levels of the system. The pipe consists of a series of holes, which allows the motor to be sufficiently cooled whilst in use.

AP12 - This is a submersible pump that can be used to take away clean, grey and non-aggressive wastewater. This model also has the option to be utilised as a portable component.

AP35 - This submersible pump has the ability to pump dirty water, liquids that have light industrial fibres and wastewater that's not been treated, apart from toilet discharge.

AP35B - This model is used to pump effluent. It can be fitted on auto coupling, which enables greater access for maintenance and servicing.

AP50 - This pump is installed where there is a need to pump dirty water, liquids that contain light industrial fibres and wastewater that hasn't been treated.

AP50B - This pump is used to pump away effluents. It can be installed on auto coupling, providing users with easier access when it comes to maintaining the pump.