Grundfos TP/E(D) In-Line Circulator Pumps

The Grundfos TP-E(D) range is a series of in-line circulator pumps. These are all single stage, centrifugal vertical pumps with either a 240v or 415v motor. They are close-coupled systems, where the motor and pump are independent of each other. The TP-E(D) pumps can be used in a range of commercial situations, including heating and air conditioning systems. They are designed and manufactured to suit the requirements of each specific application.

This range is fitted with an integral frequency convertor, enabling the pumps to be controlled in a variety of ways. It enables the system to operate extremely efficiently, reducing operating costs and maintaining a comfortable level of heat. This set-up means that there is no need for any cables during installation,and as everything is pre-set, the process is considerably faster and safer. This compact system reduces the amount of space required.

These in-line pumps enable straight pipes to be used. This limits the cost of installation and enables the pumps to be fitted into confined spaces. The pump's enhanced hydraulics system provides greater efficiency, whilst using less power. The intelligent pump systems are flexible and reliable. They utilise IE3 Grundfos Blueflux technology. This increases performance levels and improves energy consumption rates. If required, the pumps can be upgraded, as the neck rings are able to be changed.

The TP-E(D) pumps create less vibration in the system. The shaft and coupling are securely welded, which creates a more stable unit. This also increases the life of the bearings and shaft seal. The surface of the pumps is protected with a special treatment, which creates an anti-corrosion layer, increasing the longevity of the system. The range can accommodate liquid temperatures up to a maximum of 150oC and have an operating pressure limit of 25 bar.