Grundfos MQ Home Boosters

The Grundfos MQ Home Booster range is a set of compact pumping systems. They are fully contained units, with no need for an independent pressure tank or switch. This makes them easier to install, as there is no requirement for pipe fittings or electrical connections. The MQ range can be used in a number of domestic, horticultural and agricultural settings for supplying water and boosting pressure. These can include: residential properties, summerhouses, greenhouses, farm land and public or large gardens. They can be used with both potable and rainwater.

The MQ systems are easy to use and are fitted with a simple control panel. The pump has the ability to automatically start or stop both the flow and pressure. The self-priming pump can protect itself from dry running and has an automatic reset function. When it is in operation, the MQ pump produces low levels of noise and is fitted with an overload protector. Once installed, the pumps are virtually maintenance free. These pumps can be used with liquids up to a maximum of 35C. They have an operating pressure of up to 7.5 bar and a maximum flow rate of 5m3/h.

Grundfos manufactures some of the world's leading pumps and their systems are used in a wide range of applications across the globe. They have a strong commitment to producing pumps that are both reliable and easy to use. This is combined with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Their use of the latest technology enables them to develop systems that can regulate themselves, to offer a cheaper and simpler system for the user.