Grundfos UPS Bronze Commercial Single Head Circulators

Grundfos produce a range of UPS circulator pumps. The bronze commercial models are suitable for use in hot water and heating systems within commercial environments. These single head pumps are larger in size than the regular UPS models that are used in domestic settings. The pumps can be used with clean, non-explosive and non-aggressive liquids that have no solids, mineral oil or fibres within them. They come fitted with a 240v or 415v motor.

The UPS commercial pumps have three different modes of operation. They can use an alternating operation, which is the factory setting. This allows the pumps to alternate between a standby and duty pump. They switch after 24 hours and the standby pump will automatically begin if the duty pump is turned off for whatever reason. In standby operation the pumps run all the time as either a standby or duty pump. A signal is received by the standby pump if there is a fault with the duty one and it will automatically start. In the single pump mode, there is no communication between the two different pumps and they run independently of one another.

These pumps are canned rotor type. In these models, the motor and the pump are an integrated unit, with no shaft seal. There are just two gaskets for sealing and the pumped liquid lubricates the bearings. UPS pumps are manufactured from different materials, which all help to produce a durable and reliable system. This includes ceramic and carbon bearings, pump housing made from either bronze or cast iron and a bearing plate, rotor cladding and rotor can from stainless steel. They have an integral thermal overload system within the stator.