Grundfos Sololift2 WC3, WC2 & WC1

Grundfos Sololift2 pumps are a series of automatic pump and macerator systems. They can be used to pump waste toilet water, as well as grey water, away from domestic properties, where there is no ability for the liquids to go straight through to the sewers. The macerator unit has an inlet connection, to allow the water to be pumped through a horizontal outlet. The water is collected and then pumped through the use of a thin pressure pipe, which then goes to the following down pipe. The water can be moved a maximum of 6m in height or 100m away.

The Sololift2 WC range is suitable for installing into additional toilets or bathrooms within attics and basements. It can also be used to provide extra bathrooms within hotels and holiday accommodation, as well as to offer disabled access facilities. These models offer a number of advantages over the previous Sololift range: they are compact, quick to install and easier to maintain. Sololift2 pumps are extremely reliable and can be used straight away, once they're connected.

There are five models, which provide different amounts of inlet connections. The numbers at the end of the model references show how many connections each one has. The WC-1, WC-3 and CWC-3 can be used to remove wastewater from toilets and other bathroom appliances. The CWC-3 model is particularly suitable for wall-hung toilets, due to its slim and compact nature. The C-2 and D-2 models can pump grey wastewater away from a range of different appliances. The C-3 can accommodate higher temperatures, allowing it to be connected to dishwashers and washing machines.