Grundfos NB Single Stage End Suction

The Grundfos NB range is a series of single stage end suction pumps. These are non-self priming and can be used for a range of purposes. The centrifugal pumps can be fitted into a number of applications and are suitable to pump clean water or liquids that are slightly contaminated and water that doesn't contain any abrasive solids or anything with long fibres.

The end suction pumps can be fitted to; water supplies and heating and air conditioning systems. They can be used to boost pressure in industrial settings, transfer liquids in industrial applications and aid irrigation. The NB pump is available as either a 1450RPM or 2900RPM model, depending on the requirements of the application. The pumps are extremely reliable and durable, enabling them to be used in even the most demanding of situations. These single stage pumps are fitted with a radial discharge port, a horizontal shaft and an axial suction port. The close coupled pump has been CED coated, which improves its resistance to corrosion.

The pumps are extremely flexible and deliver high levels of performance, as well as achieving energy savings. The hydraulics system already meets the requirements of the EuP Directive. The pumps come with a choice of either 10 or 16 bar flanges and there are single or double seal options. The pumps offer IE2 or IE3 motors and the integral frequency convertor enables efficient operation throughout. Grundfos manufactures and distributes a range of high quality pumps across the globe and offers a choice of reliable and efficient solutions for different applications.