Grundfos Magna3 (D) Single and Twin Head Variable Speed Circulators

The Grundfos MAGNA3 (D) range is a set of medium to large variable-speed circulator pumps. They are available as either a single or twin head model and are fitted with an electronically controlled motor. The pumps can be used to circulate liquids in a number of different systems: Heating, Domestic water, Air conditioning, Solar heating and Ground-source pump.

The MAGNA3 pumps are extremely easy to install and set. The AUTOADAPT feature actually assesses the needs of the system automatically and then programs the most appropriate setting. It then continues to meet the demands of the system by changing itself appropriately. This enables users to reduce their energy consumption whilst maintaining a comfortable heat level.

This range features a number of advanced elements over previous models. The pumps offer the ability to restrict the maximum flow of the system through the FLOWLIMIT function. This is achieved as the system constantly assesses the flow rate to ensure it doesn't go over the maximum level. This removes the requirement to have a balancing valve attached and provides a more efficient system that uses less energy. The FLOWADAPT feature brings together the benefits of the FLOWLIMIT and AUTOADAPT settings.

These pumps are fitted with a heat energy meter. This can monitor and assess the amount of energy that has been consumed by fitting a temperature sensor to the return pipe. By doing so, users can avoid large bills. MAGNA3 pumps are highly efficient circulator systems. They have an Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) that already meets EuP standards. They are fitted with wireless technology, allowing them to be connected with other MAGNA3 pumps.