Grundfos Magna1 (D) Single and Twin Head Variable Speed Circulators

Grundfos' range of Magna1 (D) single and twin head circulator pumps offer a cost effective solution. They are particularly useful when replacing an existing pump. These variable speed pumps have an 'A' energy efficiency rating and work in accordance with EuP legislation. They are maintenance free, durable and offer a choice of nine easy to change pump settings.

These pumps are used to circulate water within domestic heating and hot water appliances, where there is a variable flow rate. They can also be used as a main pump, in mixing loops, air conditioning systems and ground source pumps. It is also possible for them to be fitted in systems where there is a hot water priority, such as solar heating. The pumps use a signal that tells them to function in line with the maximum curve. The Magna1 pumps are quick and easy to install. There is a choice of nine curves available: three set speed curves, three continuous pressure curves and three proportional pressure options. It is simple to see which setting has been selected, by the use of the light indicators.

They work with water temperatures of between -10oC and 110oC and with system pressures up to 16bar. Whilst in operation they emit minimal noise, providing a beneficial solution for domestic properties. They are fitted with an electronically controlled motor and there is no need for any additional external motor safeguards. Grundfos has made a commitment to promoting sustainability across all areas of their business, including developing new sources of energy production and developing efficient systems. They are a leading supplier of pumps to the UK market for a range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.