Grundfos Magna (D) (UPE/D) Single and Twin Head Variable Speed Circulators

Grundfos manufactures a number of variable speed circulators. The Magna (D) (UPE-D) models are available as either single or twin head circulators. They come in a range of sizes, from small to large. The pumps are designed for use within heating systems in different settings, including: residential apartments, educational buildings, hospital and healthcare environments

They can be used where there is a constant or variable water flow and the pump duty point has to be optimised; there are different flow-pipe temperatures; or when there is a need to use night setback. The Magna range of circulator pumps are all highly energy efficient and have achieved an 'A' rating. They also meet current EUP directives for energy usage. Each pump is contained within a stainless steel case.

The circulator pumps can be easily controlled and in most cases there is no need to deviate from the factory setting. The AUTO ADAPT setting enables the circulator to precisely control the degree of pressure that is required. This can save around 50% of the energy used by traditional pumps that don't have this control facility. It also helps to maintain a comfortable level of heat for the user. The pumps use IR communication technology and they also have the ability to be controlled remotely.

Magna pumps are easy to install and use. They are adaptable to different settings, and have a reputation for reliability throughout their life. The models are practically maintenance-free once they've been fitted and are extremely durable. The pumps make little noise in operation, making them suitable for domestic properties.