Grundfos Alpha & Alpha2 Pumps

Our Grundfos Alpha range consists of domestic heating pumps, including Alpha 2 and Alpha 2l. All the models are 'A' rated. They are highly energy efficient and compliant with EuP regulations. The pumps can operate at variable speeds or have a 3-speed function. These circulator pumps can be used in a variety of domestic hot water applications. Grundfos Alpha pumps are suited to systems where there is a variable or constant flow, a need to have the pump duty level optimised, or the flow rate and pipe temperature vary. The Alpha models can be used with clean, non-explosive and non-aggressive liquids that don't contain any mineral oil, fibres or solids. They cannot be used for flammable liquids.

This range uses innovative, permanent magnet technology, to help achieve reductions in energy consumption. They can realise a consumption level of just 5 watts. Grundfos Alpha pumps use an AUTOADAPT function, which enables the pump to set itself and adjust as needed. The pump automatically checks the requirements of the system and changes the level of its performance, according to these needs. This limits the amount of noise created, as the valves close down and maintain a comfortable temperature.

The Alpha range is easy to install, whether it's fitted into a new system or used as a replacement. The pump can simply be plugged in and it is ready to use, as there is no need for the terminal box to be opened. The straightforward display screen enables the user to see when the power is switched on and how much energy is being used at any one time. These are compact systems, where the control box has been fitted within the pump head. They can accommodate liquid temperatures of between 2oC and 110oC, with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar.