Grundfos CR/CRI(E) Vertical Multistage Pumps

Grundfos CR and CRI pumps are designed for use in industrial settings. They are non-self-priming and multi-stage pumps that are fitted with either a 240v or 415v motor. The vertical, in-line centrifugal pumps are built on a modular system. This enables the user to combine different elements to match the requirements of the specific application. This includes a choice of motors, shaft seals, pumps and connections. The CR model is manufactured from stainless steel with a top and base made from cast iron. The CRI pump is produced completely from stainless steel. The advanced hydraulics system enables the pump to achieve excellent efficiency levels. The user is able to achieve high levels of efficiency from these pumps, as there are only minor differences between the individual models. This reduces the issues caused by over-dimensional systems.

The pumps can be connected to different systems, either within pipe systems or installed on a foundation. The motor is silent and can be fitted with an integrated frequency convertor. These models produce a reliable system due to the innovative design of the cartridge seal. This reduces the amount of downtime required and produces a long-lasting pump. The CR and CRI pumps are suitable for use with liquids that range from -40 degrees C to 180 degrees C. The pumps are available in a range of flow sizes and pressure capabilities. They are able to prevent dry running through the LiqTec system. This triggers a sensor if the pump has no liquid and the system is automatically stopped.