Grundfos CM-I Horizontal Multstage Booster Pumps

CM-1 horizontal pumps are manufactured by Grundfos. They are horizontal, non self-priming models that can be used in a number of different settings. The multistage, centrifugal pumps are suitable for applications that cover anything from domestic appliances to large scale industrial operations. They are end suction and close-coupled pumps. Uses for the CM-1 pumps include:

  • - Treating water
  • - Controlling temperatures
  • - Boosting pressure
  • - Washing and cleaning
  • - Distillation systems
  • - Evaporation
  • - Dosing and mixing
  • - Pharmaceutical and chemical applications
  • This pump is extremely compact, as it is attached to a base plate with a low profile. This enables it to be fitted into even tight spaces. The pump is manufactured using a modular system, providing the ability to customise it. There are different options available to allow the pump to be designed for use with specific applications. The CM-1 pump is energy efficient and complies with EuP Directives. It can be manufactured from either stainless steel or cast iron and provides an extremely reliable system. The pump's shaft seal is resistant to wear and tear and the hydraulics have been customised to create a more efficient pump.

    The pump uses a mains powered motor. This model can be used with a range of frequency and voltage settings, enabling it to be used across the world. It is simple to install and user friendly. Grundfos produce around 16 million pumps every year and are one of the world's major manufacturers. Their pumps can be installed into a number of systems in domestic, commercial and industrial settings.