Grundfos AP35B / AP50B Waste Water & Sewage Pumps

The Unilift AP(B) range consists of a series of waste water and sewage pumps. They are fitted with either a 240v or 415v motor and there are models with or without floatswitches. These pumps are used in domestic, industrial and commercial applications. The AP35B and AP50B are submersible singe-stage pumps. They can be used for liquid temperatures that are between 0oC and 40oC. They are used to pump effluent from a variety of settings:

  • - when lowering groundwater
  • - to pump surface water that collects in wells from shafts and gutters
  • - to empty tanks and ponds
  • - to pump effluent that contains fibres from industrial settings
  • - to pump sludge treatment systems and septic tanks
  • - to pump effluent away from toilets where there is no discharge
  • The pumps can be used automatically or manually. Those models that are fitted with a float switch can be turned on or off automatically, as well as having a manual function. They can be used within a permanent setting or as a portable unit. The AP(B) range of pumps are manufactured from a steel tube, which is finished with a smooth surface. They are simple to take apart, as the pump inlet, ring stand and pump housing are connected to the motor using four springs. They require low levels of maintenance, as the ball bearings are prelubricated. As with all Grundfos pumps, the AP(B) range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. They invest heavily in research and development, enabling them to create innovative pumps that meet the needs of their customers.