Grundfos Models

Grundfos are a leading manufacturer of pumps for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Their extensive range covers a number of different uses and settings. Their Sololift2 range is a series of automatic macerator and pump systems. They can used to remove waste water from toilets and other domestic applications. The Freeflow Powerflush unit is an effective way of cleaning heating systems. It removes the sludge and corrosive elements that can build up and prevent the system from working efficiently.

The Grundfos Alpha range contains 'A' rated central heating pumps for domestic settings. There are both three-speed and variable speed options. They manufacture a number of domestic circulator heating pumps, including the UPS and MAGNA ranges. These can be used in domestic environments for heating and hot water applications. Throughout the models there are the options of single and twin head variants. These efficient pumps operate at variable speeds.

Grundfos Borehole pumps are submersible and used in a number of settings, including domestic water and irrigation applications. They are extremely efficient, durable and reliable, protecting the system from a range of risks. The range of MQ Home Boosters includes compact pump systems that are easy to install. These integral systems have no requirement for a separate switch or pressure tank.

Grundfos manufacture a range of submersible drainage pumps. The Unilift models can be fitted with a floatswitch, which enables them to be operated automatically. These reliable pumping systems are designed to be used in the most demanding of situations. The NB range contains single stage end suction pumps. These are non-self priming and centrifugal systems. They can be used within water supplies, as well as heating and cooling systems.