Grundfos Pressurisation Unit

Pressurisation sets are designed to replace any water that has been lost through leakage in a pump heating or cooling water system. By replacing the water, they maintain the system pressure. These systems are manufactured in accordance with the European Union's Pressure Equipment Directive. The Aqua Tech Aquaspill AS-AV Series pressurisation unit is used in high temperature water systems. It can function in temperatures ranging from +30 to +170 degrees C. There are microprocessor controls for the accurate operation of variable speed pumps, to maintain a stable pressure in the system.

Aqua Tech's SB Series of pressurisation units maintain a minimum set pressure in water heating or chilling systems. If the pressure falls below the cold fill pressure, the unit works to automatically restore that pressure. If high or low pressure conditions occur, volts free contacts are provided to interrupt the boiler or chiller operation. There is a spill or fill tank to store expansion water from the system and to refill it during any contraction phase. The SB unit utilises a spill valve to maintain a maximum system pressure that is no greater than 0.6 bar above the recommended cold fill pressure. These pressurisation sets can be used in chilled water systems, low temperature hot water (LTHW) and medium temperature hot water (MTHW) systems, as long as they are used together with an appropriate cooling vessel.

• Boiler power ratings for the unit are up to 3,500 kW at 82 degrees C, with the heating system contents up to 35,000 litres at 82 degrees C.

• Chiller power ratings range up to 9,000 kW at 30 degrees C ambient temperature. The chilled system's contents can be up to 400,000 litres at 30 degrees C ambient temperature.