Grundfos Macerators

Domestic sanitary pumps are small bore macerator pumps that can be fitted in a range of locations, such as kitchens, shower rooms and utility facilities in a family home. They are also ideal for hard-to-plumb locations, where conventional, large bore, gravity-drained discharge pipe work would be impractical and expensive to install. These pumps are able to pump water and waste vertically and horizontally, through just 22/32 mm diameter bores. 

Installation locations include:

  • En suite shower rooms
  • Under stairs cloakrooms
  • Basement installations
  • Loft or attic conversions
  • Holiday homes
  • Facilities for the elderly
  • Static caravans and chalets
  • Temporary buildings
  • Listed buildings

The Sololift  macerator pump can fit unobtrusively behind a WC. When the WC is flushed, the pump automatically activates and pumps waste to a remote soil pipe, some 50 metres away. It can also discharge vertically, up to four metres. The Powerflush Heavy Duty Toilet Macerator Unit can handle effluent and waste water, as well as the occasional sanitary item, even though it is not specifically designed as a mutrator. It can pump up to seven metres vertically and 35 metres horizontally, through a 32 mm internal diameter pipe.

The Grundfos Sololift2 range of domestic sanitary pumps is compact macerator units that can pump water waste from a wash basin and sewage from a toilet, with a horizontal outlet. They are compact and are provided with a powerful, professional cutter. The Sololift2 range also includes the C-3 sanitary waste removal units that are fit for pumping grey waste water up to 90 degrees C, from a dishwasher, bath, kitchen sink, shower, washing machine, wash basin and bidet. It is compact, with a powerful, selectable start level.