Grundfos Home Booster Accessories

The Grundfos home booster is a self contained cold water booster set for domestic properties where the existing mains water supply is insufficient to meet all of the demands for pressurised hot and cold water systems.

The booster unit should be installed on a concrete base that is both flat and horizontal. This will avoid any distortions to the base of the tank. The installation location should be well lit and have adequate access for any service work

The service connections needed to install this unit are: a mains cold water, 1/2 inch bsp male; an overflow of 22 mm solvent weld; a mains power cable that is five metres in length and 3-core, and a connection for an additional storage tank

In those situations where the mains water supply pressure is extremely low or where there is a high demand for pressurised water in the home, Grundfos supplies an additional 180 litre slave tank. This is almost the same size as the 200 litre tank that is part of the booster set.

The Grundfos UPS2 is a universal replacement pump head for the domestic booster unit pump as long as the Grundfos base is in good condition. The UPS2 is designed to fit with modern technology and conforms to the energy efficiency stipulations of the 2015 EuP directive. Its main advantage is that there is no need to disconnect the pipe work. The only condition is that there is an adequate access for service. It is a compact pump head with a direct backward compatibility. There is an integrated cable plug in the control box and a performance adjustment in terms of three speed settings.